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Description of Bulgarian Public Transport

This Android application helps people in choosing the bus station on which to wait. In real time it gives information about the estimated time of arrival for the selected station. Supported languages are Bulgarian (Default) and English (see Menu > Настройки > Language) and works only for the region of Sofia and Varna - Bulgaria.
Please send me bus stop IDs and the coordinates (see ) of the bus stop if it is missing or wrong. Thank you very much!
You can choose default startup screen - the map or favorite bus stops. In order to do this you should go to Menu > Settings > Favorities for startup screen. Use BACK button to navigate to the map again.
The project is open sourced, for more information visit:
Good job to ! It seems that they really want to help users and knows how to do this! I'm sorry that SUMC does not think in this way :(
Sofia Public Transport Navigator becomes Bulgarian Public Transport Navigator
Подобни приложения за град София - потребителят трябва да има право на избор:
* Софспирка/Sofspirka от Sirma mobile
* Градски транспорт в София/Gradski transport v Sofiq от vanangelov
* Bus Info cgm от Vladovsoft
* Ватман/Vatman от oborudko
* DroidTrans - gradski transport от Dro
* Sofia Transport от MapLabs
* Разписание на автобусите mTrans/Razpisanie na avtobusite от
* Софбус 24/Sofbus24 от Zdravko Nestorov
* ако искате и вашето приложение да се появи тук - просто го напишете в коментарите и ще го добавя тук
Keywords: English, Sofbus, Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgarian, Varna, free application, SKGT, the Sofia urban mobility, closest public transport stations, vehicle number, bus, trolley, tram, timetable, virtual boards, real time, times of arrival, arrival time, time left, виртуални табла, traffic, трафик
by: Plamen Tanov/Пламен Танов

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